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KH - Vice City

KH – Vice City

New member to Taylor Gang? Wiz Tweeted about this video, Chevy is in it and Sledgren helped produce it. I’m gonna go all in and say this is part of Wiz’s team he’s forming. KH states that he’s only 19, looks like he’s 26 haha I wonder if that benzo is actually his.
Taylor Allderdice

Taylor Allderdice

Listening event preview for Taylor Allderdice. If you haven’t heard this mixtape yet, here’s a little preview of some of the songs. This is what Wiz should be. You won’t be disappointed. Download here.
Juicy J- Juicy J Can't (Music Video)

Juicy J- Juicy J Can’t (Music Video)

Only Juicy J can stop in the middle of his video shoot to approach 2 females.
Wiz Khalifa - DayToday (New York)

Wiz Khalifa – DayToday (New York)

Taylor Gang Invades NYC.
Neako - LVLerica Army

Neako – LVLerica Army

One of my favorite tracks off LVLZebra. Beat is Crazy. Neako rips it. Press Play. Zebra Gang.
Neako - LVLFLXXXN (Video)

Neako – LVLFLXXXN (Video)

The Lad Neako drops another visual off LVLzebra. He’s by far one of the hardest working up & comer’s. 3 Fingers to The Sun.
Day To Day - Miami

Day To Day – Miami

I am officially jealous of Wiz, the man is straight ballin these days. Check out that Ferrari! Got-damn!
Neako - LVLZebra

Neako – LVLZebra

LVLYSL. The World Over Everything. Download Here.